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Join the bike revolution

Join the bike revolution

From planned obsolescence …

Mid drive motors, such as Bosch, while renowned for their efficiency and performance, operate as a closed system: when the drive unit breaks down, users are required to send the entire unit back to the manufacturer for repair, rather than having the option for local or independent servicing.

Once the warranty period expires, the cost of sending the drive unit for repair can amount to several hundred euros.

Moreover, as the bike frame is specifically designed and built around the drive unit, when the manufacturer stops its production, obtaining replacement parts becomes nearly impossible, rendering the ebike irreparable.

By avoiding proprietary components and instead opting for universally available parts, eBikeOS guarantees a sustainable system that will always be repairable, regardless of changes in technology or manufacturing, ensuring that your ebike remains serviceable for decades to come.

This not only reduces waste but also provides riders with the assurance that their ebike investment is future-proofed, offering peace of mind and long-term value.

… to sustainable design

Take control of your ebike ...

Say goodbye to cryptic error codes and hello to a new era of transparency and control. With over 100 precise control points and comprehensive diagnostics of the whole drive system, eBikeOS makes the repair process easier and more accessible than ever before.

Whether it's a minor adjustment or a major repair, eBikeOS provides clear and understandable feedback, empowering you and your local bike shop to quickly identify and fix issues, keeping you on the road with minimal downtime.

Born from a passion for sustainable mobility, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the story began in 2012 when Maël Bosson, then a doctoral student at INRIA, witnessed his colleagues working on autonomous cars, a fascinating technology that highlighted an inconsistency: why make car usage extremely convenient without doing the same for bikes, a well-established ecological pillar?

Maël founded eBikeLabs in 2015 to simplify the adoption and use of bicycles. This led him to meet Jean-René Bouvier, a seasoned entrepreneur who, drawing from his experience with Silicon Valley players, immediately recognized the importance of software control for electric bikes at the core of the bike-user interaction. He proposed leveraging eBikeLabs' patented inventions to create what would become eBikeOS, the "Android" for electric bikes.

Shortly after, Maël reunited with Colin Valière, a childhood friend who had become a successful software entrepreneur. Colin shared the deep conviction that electric bikes are essential pillars for transitioning to sustainable urban mobility. As the technical director, he brought his expertise and hard work to transform eBikeLabs software into an open, extensible, and modular system.


Thus, eBikeOS is poised to play a significant role in facilitating the long-term use of electric bikes worldwide.

... and join the bike software revolution

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