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Whether you're a commuter, adventurer, or leisure rider, embracing the future of ebiking has never been easier.

Our partners offer a diverse range of ebikes powered by eBikeOS, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your riding style and preferences.

Take the first step towards a smoother, smarter and more enjoyable ride by trying out a bike with eBikeOS inside.

Vefaa bike
Vefaa bikes
Vefaa bikes

The Easy-to-Adopt Electric Bike

🙌 Our promise: To offer a bike that is affordable, easy to use, secure against theft, designed and assembled in France.

🤫 Our secret: Invest in bicycle software and use standardized parts that have already proven themselves on the cycle market. We invest in brains rather than muscles.

🎯 Our objective: To convince as many of today's motorists as possible to become tomorrow's cyclists with a product that is easy to adopt.

With VEFAA, Bicycle commuting has never been easier. 👌

🌎 Visit VEFAA

Eclair bikes

The sustainable e-bike

We believe in a different urban mobility, more adapted to today’s cities, and more respectful of our planet.

We believe an e-bike must first be agile, light, and easy to use for more riding pleasure and intuitive steering, a safety guarantee.

Above all, we defend another production model with eco-designed e-bikes made in France.

Simple. Ecodesigned. Crafted in France.

With Eclair, rediscover the city and the freedom to move around.

🌎 Visit Eclair

Eclair bike
North Cycles bike

Coming 2025

The longtail electric bike designed and assembled in Douai

Charles, Alex and Sacha had a dream: a fully modular longtail electric bike that suits everyone

🛒 Do you like shopping (like Charles)? Up to 150kg loading possible

🏄 More into surfing (like Alex)? With our extra module, carry your board wherever you go.

👶 Do you have a big family (not like Sacha)? Our longtail allows you to put two children, or an adult behind you!

🌎 Visit North Cycles

Titanium Frames and Bikes made in France

For more than 20 years, CMT has been recognized as the French specialist in Titanium frames and bicycles. Artisanal and custom manufacturing, in the heart of the Alps. A CMT bike is a sporty and durable bike, a true companion for all your adventures.


We offer our frames in standard or custom sizes, as well as custom builds and complete bikes in limited series.

All our frames are certified “Origine France Garantie”

🌎 Visit CMT

CMT Bike

Coming 2025

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