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Heavy loads made light: endless possibilities


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Hill Starts made effortless

The most critical operation with a cargo bike is starting, where one must maintain balance despite the weight of the bike.


On an incline, without suitable technology, it can be nearly impossible to start if there hasn't been time to change gears!


With Hill Start Assist technology, starting on an incline becomes accessible to all for rolling loads up to 150 kg and slopes up to 10%

Tailored to your need: assistance that adapts with the load

In a cargo bike, the bike's load can easily vary by 50 kg, for example, depending on whether children are on board or not.


Auto Mode technology continuously calculates the rolling load to perfectly adapt to the situation.

Brake smart, ride smooth: regenerative tech for safer rides

More rolling load means more inertia and the need for a robust braking system.

Regen Brake technology allows for smooth braking for passenger comfort, enables long descents without wearing down mechanical brakes, and ensures constant safety.


With no wear, regenerative braking provides continuous additional security.

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