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eBikeOS Augmented Drive System

Top-of-the-line ebike technology
Get ready for the ride of your life

Which bike are you interested in?

Experience the Augmented drive system by eBikeOS.

Featuring patented Auto Mode for dynamic assistance, Instant Response for seamless pedaling, and Hill Start Assist for effortless slopes.


With 8 cutting-edge technologies, eBikeOS delivers unparalleled value in drive systems.


AI integration ensures peak performance, optimal ride comfort, and longevity for your bike.

Auto Mode

Dynamically adjusts electric assistance in real-time as you ride.


This means seamless support whether you're cruising on flat roads, climbing steep inclines, or with heavy weight.

Hill Start Assist

Starting on slopes is effortless with Hill Start Assist.


It senses when you've stopped on an incline and provides the power you need to conquer it with ease.

Instant Response

Analyzes your pedaling instantly, blending electric assistance seamlessly with your effort.


Enjoy just smooth, intuitive riding.

Keyless Lock

Our ultimate anti-theft solution, Keyless Lock not only disables the motor but also makes your bike unrideable to thwart thieves.

Join the sustainable drive system revolution with eBikeOS

Avoiding proprietary parts, eBikeOS ensures long-term repairability, reducing waste and future-proofing your investment.


With transparent diagnostics and control, repairs are made easy, empowering riders and local shops.


Founded on a passion for sustainable mobility, eBikeOS is the result of years of innovation and collaboration. eBikeOS is the vital component at the forefront of the mobility revolution.

Bikes with eBikeOS inside

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